LG's S-CLASS User Interface: What do you think about it?

I recently criticise the LG S-Class user interface for being too inconsistent, having too many screens, flows, icons, mess.

Some people agreed with me while other seemed to like the award winning UI. I thought the entire thing is bad!

Well, I was wrong!

Or right?

Or both???

Check for yourself - there's a complete emulator of the S-Class UI in LG's website and you can see it all in action: link to emulator.

After you finish - come back and vote in the poll I've created below - let us know what your thoughts are about the user interface:

Now that you've voted, here are my thoughts about it: I think it's much better than previously seen in the first few vidoes. I think that the videos gave a very bad impression, but playing with the shell seems to be nice and smooth.

Of course, the emulator can deceive a little bit as this is not running on Windows Mobile, and I still think that some of the screens are just too messy and could have been more simple, (and I still don't like the copied iPhone icons in the widgets section), but overall, I have better opinion now than I originally had.


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