New BlackBerry devices with optical trackballs

optical dpad

I saw in EngadgetMobile that RIM is about to release 2 BlackBerry devices with optical trackballs (Onyx and Curve 8520).

Interesting, as I recently had a chance to use an optical trackball and I think it's a very nice substitute for the classic D-Pad.

I can't say it's better than the regular Iron-man style trackball, because it's somewhat less accurate and does not allow the fast scrolling that the regular trackball allows, but I can say it's fun, really fun using it.

So I wonder if it will become RIM's default D-Pad or will it stick with both physical and optical trackballs...

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Parrotlover77 said…
It may be a suitable D-Pad replacement in some cases, but how do you "press and hold" to get the thing to repeat an arrow key?

And for playing d-pad controlled games?  Forget it!

That said, I think it's a wonderful UI enhancement, it just needs to be surrounded by a Real (TM) D-Pad.  That would perfect.