Practice your Spiderman skills with Rope'n'Fly

spiderman_2 One of my favorites "super heroes" movies is Spiderman 1.

My favorite scene in the movie is the one where Peter Parker starts jumping from one building to another using his spider's web to fly him around. The speed, the way the scene is pictured, and the fact that it's obvious that it's his first time - makes it very good.


This is the kind of fun you get in a new iPhone game (OK, new for me) called Rope N Fly: the purpose of this game is simple, to pass the longer distance using your spider's web. I think there's a free limited version of this game by the way...


It has a crappy graphics, but it feels amazingly good - it's fun!

Simple, but addictive...

You can ask my wife, she just broke my record, which means I must end this post right now and get back to the game...

Look for Rope N Fly in the AppStore for more information.

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