Prepare For Launch

(thanks to TV Tropes for the image)

My first Pocket PC was my Dell Axim X5: shiny silver chassis, color screen, wifi, and a directional pad engineered to play games. I quickly found that I could fill my PDA with amazing Pocket PC software, much of it free from the developers. I also quickly found that the Start Menu was not a practical way to get to my amazing software.

That's when I found Launcher, the Today screen plugin by Scott Seligman. Drop your shortcut in the "Launcher" folder on your device and it shows up on your Today screen. One tap with your stylus, and you're launching.

With my old 6700 running WM5, I had access to approximately 500 buttons. But even then, I had too many favorite programs.

That's when I started using HButton. Hold down my assigned hardware button, and the programs I've choosen in HButton cycle through on-screen. When I see the program I want, I let go of the button. Bliss!

Now I'm using this marvel of modern mobility, a touch-screen titan, the Samsung Omnia!

And, once again, I'm in the market for a program launcher. The "Main Menu" option isn't bad, but I feel like it's still too many taps to get to the program I want. I've used Voice Command to start programs ("Start Bubble Breaker"), and it works well enough, but sometimes I don't want to verbalize the program I want to launch. I just want to launch.

So tell me, fellow Omnia Afficionados: what's your favorite program launcher? Share your launching love in the comments below, or launch an email my JRobTaylor address at