Huge Themes Collection for SPB Mobile Shell 3

Looking for themes and skins for SPB Mobile Shell 3? Here are a few options I filtered based on some great art work found at the XDA Developers:

OSX Metal:


Download OSX Metal

Berry 66 

Berry 66 VGA MSH3 Theme by Apothehouse


I actually like this one which has the BlackBerry Bold look...

Download Berry 66

Tux Mac OS-X:


This one is a new skin done by mobilecustom, download if you like how it looks:

Download Tux Mac OS-X

XPERIA MSH3 by jeje1000 [QVGA-WQVGA]


XPeria owners (are there any?) will love this one, all the rest might find it a nice theme after all...

Download XPeria Theme 

Koma Space:

koma space2

koma space

They say always leave the best for last, and indeed this one is my favorite from this list, and you can grab it from the link below:

Download Koma Space skin for Mobile Shell 3

Besides those ones, don't forget our large list of other SPB Mobile Shell themes and skins - here are some of them:


ChangeSkin - SPB Mobile Shell Skins Changer

This one is the coolest, as it allows you to easily switch between completely different themes (like Omnia style, TF3D style and more).

More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3!

A nice collection of themes for SPB Mobile shell 3 including star wars, transformers and more! Check it out!

WinMo 6.5 theme for SPB Mobile Shell

This one is a must have theme for any SPB Mobile shell owner!

More themes in this one: Huge themes collection for SPB Mobile Shell


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jv23 said…
how to do you install the blackberry app on spb shell??? can someone help me