What is "The Google Experience"?

Triandroid Attack

People asked me about the meaning of the "Google Experience" term and how come some of the Android phones are not carrying Google logo inside.

So I looked for the answer and this is what I've found:

Android OS comes with 3 different flavors:

The Google Experience is the most sophisticated version with all the Google goodies pre-loaded inside with the Google logo. In addition, this version comes with unrestricted access to the Android market. Although there are around 20 Android phones expected to be released this year, only 5-6 of them are planned to have the complete "Google experience".

Strings Attached:  manufacturers sign a distribution agreement with Google and pre-install the Google applications. The OS, however, is not carrying the Google logo.

Google-free: free version of the Android OS without any sign of the Google mobile applications. UI and applications can vary from one phone to another.

Naturally, if you are going to buy an Android phone, it can only make sense to buy one with the "Google Experience" inside, don't you think? Otherwise it's like buying Windows Mobile without the mobile Office...

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