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I'm happy to announce the winners who just won a free copy of Comic Reader Mobi - everyone's favorite comic reader for Windows Mobile and iPhone!                        

We've got 32 comments which I think is a nice number.

ComicReaderGiveaway It's fun to see that people are interested in both gadgets and comic books, I personally find the two a nice way to pass time and waste a lot of money.

Big Grin 

But, since we must select only 10 winners - here they are:

Windows Mobile version:
RW (Palm Treo Pro, Dark Knight [isn't that Batman?])
Seth (Omnia, River Tam)
Donald Matlock (Fuze, Iron Man)
XenSA (Tytn 2, Starblazer)
Jerry Barnes (HTC Touch Pro, Rogue)

iPhone version*:
dreamcastdc (iPhone, Wolverine)
daddyRobot (iPhone, Batman)
BranBrow (iPhone, Witchblade)
Kevin Sanders (iPhone, Batman)
Kuno (iPhone, Spider-man)

*Please note that as we stated in the original post, we can only send iPhone coupons to US users, so if one of the winners cannot get it - we will pick another reader instead.


So congratulations to all the winners! You won a free copy of Comic Reader Mobi! Please contact us through my email address ( so we can send you your prize!

And to all the others - thanks for participating, we will continue with our efforts to arrange more great giveaways and hopefully the next one will be yours. More updates about that in just a few days.


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outphase said…
Doh... I was hoping you would draw on Tuesday like the original post said. One of the iPhone winners posted after Tuesday :(

Oh well.
zizza07 said…
Congrats to all. Next time I will be luckier. Possible Guests have less chances to win. Good Morning USA
dreamcastdc said…
Cool I just won, I just emailed you..