All the mobile news in just one page

I know most of you are using RSS readers to get their daily technology dose. I recently found that it takes me quite a while to get all the updates, and sometimes I want to see everything in one snapshot.

For that I created my own Mobile Spoon News page, which aggregates my favorite site's RSS feeds in just one long page.

I has Windows Mobile news, iPhone, BlackBerry and some general sites.

The Mobile Spoon News Page (RSS)

I'm not sure where I'm heading with this "all in one" page, but it already helped me spot an interesting news over at Simon's Blog about how to download videos from youTube (will publish about it in a few seconds).

You are invited to check it out ant tell me if you think such aggregated page would make sense or is it a complete bu#ll$#$<beep>#t.


shawn said…
being able to get it all in one place would be awesome. needless to say it would save me some time.