Are iPhone apps spyware as well?


After the recent hubbub surrounding the Palm Pre and its daily sharing of user location and other information with Palm, ... the iPhone Dev Team has revealed that some third-party apps for the iPhone act in a somewhat similar fashion.

You can read more about those apps that gets your private information and stores it in here.

But I say, why all the panic? Why investing hours in developing those spy capabilities and they few more hours to hide it when all the relevant details can be found in Facebook or Twitter?

I recently heard form a colleague of mine that a friend of hers used to update her facebook stats on an hourly basis, including a lot of private details about her personal activities, relationships with her husband etc.

She told me that since everything was so exposed - she, as a follower in facebook started to suspect something is wrong in the relationships between the writer and her husband, and indeed after a while the lady wrote that she is getting divorced. 

In addition, someone who used to be my neighbor (20 years ago) just got married, and she put their entire wedding book in facebook. How lame can that be???

So, Palm, Apple, CIA, you don't need to work so hard, just do some Google search and find your stuff... 

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Jenny said…
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