The first winner of SBSH GoNews Touch is ...


It's time for some more giveaways party here at the mobile spoon and as promised we will be giving away free copies of GoNews Touch version 1.1!

And the first copy goes to a reader which was one of the firsts to follow us on Twitter and constantly commenting to the posts with clear and interesting thoughts about mobility in general and mostly Windows Mobile.

Parrotlover77 - you just won a free copy of SBHS GoNews Touch. Now you can easily read your favorite sites and blogs from your WinMo phone and enjoy a finger friendly user interface, images and thumbnails, integration with Google reader and many other useful features.


So there goes the first copy, 2 more left to go, and we have a great challenge for you - so stay tuned because more details are just about to come. 

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Parrotlover77 said…
Sweet!  Mobile Spoon rocks!  How do I claim GoNews?  :)
MobileSpoon said…
Just drop me an email and we will continue the thread offline!
Parrotlover77 said…
Hmm. I sent two messages via your contact form last week but haven't heard back.  You can hit me at my website's contact form. (don't want to post email addresses online) ;)