Gartner Says Worldwide Smartphones Sales Grew 27 Per Cent in Second Quarter of 2009


A new report from Gartner says that non-smartphones worldwide sales in the second quarter of 2009 dropped six percent from Q2 2008.

Bad news for companies like Nokia but great news for HTC, RIM, Apple etc. because the same report indicates smartphones shot up 27 percent.

So you don't want to be Nokia nowadays. But let's not forget that it sells nearly as many phones as its next four competitors all together...


In the smartphone operating system (OS) market, Symbian held 51 per cent share, down from 57 per cent a year ago, while RIM and Apple grew their shares year-on-year. Android's share was just under 2 per cent of the market and more Android-based devices will come to market in the fourth quarter of 2009, intensifying competition in the smartphone OS market, particularly for Symbian and Windows Mobile. Microsoft's share continued to drop year-on-year to account for 9 per cent of the market in the second quarter of 2009.


"Microsoft licensees HTC and Samsung continued to add features to their own interfaces, on top of Windows Mobile, to create more competitive products and make up for the usability constraints of the Microsoft platform," said Roberta Cozza, principal analyst at Gartner.

Palm Pre:
This quarter also saw the debut of the long-awaited Palm Pre based on the new web operating system. "This device attracted a lot of media attention but showed mixed results at the cash register as sales only reached 205,000 units," said Ms Cozza. "Palm currently ranks tenth in the smartphone market and Gartner remains concerned about its ability to gain traction outside the US market, where its brand is less strong."

The complete Gartner report can be found in here

(Thanks Amir, for sending the tip over)

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