How To: Download YouTube Videos to your iPhone

At last, something I really waited for: an application that allows downloading youTube videos to the iPhone and store them locally.

I actually found 2 of those, (thanks to Simon's Blog):

The first one is called MxTube 1.5 and it lets you download and saves YouTube video on iPhone, and you can then view it offline. It is currently a freeware (but you are invited to donate!)

More details about MxTube in here

The second one is caller YourTube:

youtube-more-downloads youtube-video-downloading

Unlike MxTube, which is a standalone app, YourTube is tightly integrated with the built-in YouTube application on iPhone. That means, YourTube is not a separate iPhone application. Instead, it slightly modifies the default YouTube app and powers it with the download capability. You can save the YouTube video directly on iPhone and play it back anytime you like.

YourTube is not a freeware (it costs $2).

More details about YourTube in here 

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