HTC Hero Sense UI Theme for SPB Mobile shell

SPB Mobile Shell 5 First Impression Review!

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SB Mobile Shell has a lot of fans around the Windows Mobile community. I can see that when I'm checking my site's statistics.
So for you, Mobile Shell users and fans - here's a skin that will make your SPB MS look and feel like the new star from HTC: the Sense UI. The spoken shell taken from HTC Hero.
8 clock widgets (TF3D clock & 7 analog)
4 calendar widgets
7 battery widgets
5 weather widgets
3 contacts widgets
6 new icons for notifications
Separate SMS page for previewing and managing texts
Hero style menu bar (modified functions)
Hero style lock screen (replaces professional panel)
How to install: Mobile Shell 3 is required (clean install is recommended)
Download the following files from MobileCustom
Install Mortscript 4.2
Install MC
Soft reset device
Download MC Sense: Sense UI theme for SPB Mobile Shell 
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Guest said…
Everything on Mobile Custom is not in English and appears to require registration. Is there any other way to get the files?
Billy said…
does it work with SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 ?
Look @ XDA-developers for the files said…
I have the sense version for 3.5 but i still can't getting it working
izzy said…
I think its portugese cause I can understand a little.
sdub said…
omg i registered lke 30 times on the french site but they arent sending me any activation emails..