HTC patent - a magnetic stylus for capacitive screens


I know a few readers that are surely going to comment on this one:

Few weeks ago I wrote a small guide about the different touchscreens available for mobile devices (The Incomplete Guide to Touchscreens Technologies).

One of the things I wrote about capacitive screens was that they cannot be used for accurate operations or signature capturing.


Well, apparently HTC are just about to solve this limitation with a special stylus - developed as a company patent.

The stylus has a magnetic head, and due to the current induced by its movement relative to the capacitive screen is able to elicit the same electrical reaction as a finger, but with much more precision.

So simple yet so useful: a stylus for capacitive screens that will let you do all the activities which are hard to do without one.

Nice initiative from HTC, don't you think?

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Parrotlover77 said…
If HTC releases a capacitive screened device with this stylus, I'm all over it.  ...... That is, if it has a D-Pad too. ;)
MobileSpoon said…
Hey, I knew you wil say that! :-D
Matt said…
This is cool, and a good "save" by HTC, but I would rather see HTC move away from the stylus all together and design a UI that doesn't require anything but my finger or thumb.  

Am I dreaming?   :)
Parrotlover77 said…
Speak for yourself.  I love the stylus.  A stylus gives you highly precise control, which is needed for business applications that have a lot of on-screen controls and doesn't work well when you try to make them bigger for big fat fingers.

That said, what can you NOT do with your phone without a stylus?  Shit, I may prefer a stylus in apps like Pocket Excel, drawing/photo manipulation apps, etc., but for my every day apps (email, calendar, phone, games), I never use it!