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Aug 1, 2009

July Favorites


July is over and it's time to check what were the reader's favorites.

We'll start with the top entries for the month:

Samsung Omnia Thoughts and Reviews

Huge Themes Collection for SPB Mobile Shell 3

More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3!

And the most popular post is:

SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 Reviewed 

Wow, amazingly out of 4 of the most popular posts, 3 relates to SPB Mobile Shell 3 - what a huge popularity for SPB here at the mobile spoon.

And now for my own favorite posts for July:

TouchScreensGuide The Incomplete Guide to Touchscreens Technologies

Practice your Spiderman skills with Rope'n'Fly

How does 'Direct Push' work-?

The Triandroids Are Coming!

How Tough is Panasonic ToughBook-?

Are You a Smartphone Junkie-?

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