Microsoft claims 6.5 web browsing will be better than the iPhone


Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, said it had been a "challenging year" for Windows Mobile, but things were set to improve with the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 later this year.

"You will have a very rich browsing experience on [Windows Mobile] 6.5 devices," he told analysts during a recent financial briefing. "It will give you access to more websites than you will be able to get to on an iPhone that will work actively and work well. It really is a much better experience."

Well, I'm not sure about that, but it's nice to see that Microsoft is finally waking up on mobile browsing. Can't wait to get an official 6.5 release.

Read more about Microsoft's briefing in here 

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amit said…
Yeah you better believe it that web browsing on WM 6.5 would beat iPhone. Opera 9.7 & Iris Browser already kick Safari's ass & then Flash support would be coming from Adobe for WM 6.5 & Android. And Opera 9.7 is expected to improve, Iris Browser is already improving a lot & another new webkit based browser called Dorothy is already in beta, so yes browsing on WM would sure kick ass what with new devices coming with Snapdragon 1Ghz or more & Nvidia Tegra processors.

Web Browsing on WM doesn't necessarily have to be equated with IE, sure Microsoft is having next gen IE mobile version made up with all the goodies but IE is not the only game in town! :)
MobileSpoon said…
<span style="">Well, I'm not sure I agree. I use both and I like the iPhone's browser much better. It's not scientifically better - I know, but the overall experience is much MUCH better, in spite of all the good alternative. </span>
<span style=""> </span>
<span style="">Bottom line for me - when I need do some mobile browsing I will never use my BlackBerry, probably not use my Touch Pro - but will definitely settle for the iPhone (although it crashes too often...)</span>
amit said…
Yeah well we all have different opinions about what is good which is why its a subjective word. :) Personally I don't like my browser crashing 5 times when I'm browsing a website & certainly I care more about speed & rendering than all the flashy animation which gives it a wow factor! ;)
Parrotlover77 said…
I'm a MS fanboy and I'm skeptical.  IE on 6.5 is lightyears beyond IE on 6.1 (and earlier), yes.  The fact it will support flash (eventually?) is really absolutely awesome.  However, I've been using MightyROM 6 for a while (6.5 ROM) and it's just not "there" yet to a desktop experience -- at least not without a third party app like Opera. 

The fact that IE doesn't support the IE8 (desktop) layout engine is a huge minus.  Sure, the javascript engine is there, but the layout engine is not! 

Ah well, it's still a big step forward.  If MS takes another big step forward for WM7 (like a full pocket version of IE8) that would be a very strong competitor to Apple.