Microsoft's Office Mobile is coming to Symbian


Office Mobile is coming to Symbian, along with Office Communicator Mobile, SharePoint, and Microsoft System Center, and the two companies also said they'll be working on "future user experiences" for Nokia customers.

Excited? I'm not. I don't see how this cooperation makes things much different for both Microsoft and Nokia.

I would suggest that Nokia starts developing Windows Mobile phones, but as usually no one cares about my ideas...

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Parrotlover77 said…
I agree with you!!

This is a silly Noka/MS "partnership."  As much as people might say WM is behind the times, Symbian is like Windows 3.1 to WM 6.1's Windows 2000.  And WM7 is priming up to be a pretty Vista (may even Win7)-like experience to iPhone's Snow Leopard experience (to continue my analogy).  Where's Symbian?

Yes, I agree.  A partnership with Nokia where Nokia went full force on WM would actually benefit both companies' bottom lines.