5 Tips for better happiness with SPB Mobile Shell 3


So first, I would like to state I've been searching for significant tips in order to call this guide "10 tips for true happiness with SPB Mobile Shell 3.1". Unfortunately, Mobile Shell does not need 10 tips to provide true happiness, the shell is so good it's enough to make the user happy as it is.

On the other hand, I noticed that most of the tips are not as significant as the TouchFlo tips and tweaks we published few months ago, and definitely not as tricky as the 10 tips we gave about the Samsung Omnia.

Nevertheless, here is the incomplete guide with 5 tips for true happiness with Mobile Shell 3.

Skins and themes


First tip will involve changing the skins and themes of your new WinMo shell. I've posted few times in the past about themes for Mobile Shell 3 - so here are some links:

More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3, Huge Themes Collection for SPB Mobile Shell 3, ChangeSkin - SPB Mobile Shell Skins Changer

Adding more pages to the lifestyle window

I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of widgets, but since Mobile shell's widgets panels allow adding applicaiton shortcuts - you can make those pages similar to the iPhone pages and therefore arrange your favorite apps into nice sections and folders:

Screen79 To change the number of pages you will need a registry editor and inside the editor - do the following (or use the cab files attached):

HKLM/software/spb software house 2/spb mobile shell/widgets/homescreen
"pagecount" = 6 for exampe, save, softreset

< CAB to FIVE pages >
< CAB to SEVEN pages >

Easily switch between SPB Mobile Shell, TouchFlo 3D and Today:

Yep, SPB is great, TouchFlo is great, but none of them has a decent tasks module embedded (and of course other things you can add to the classic today screen but cannot work in the advanced shells).

For that purpose, it's important to keep a quick and easy access to TF3d and Today - read more about this tip in the links below:

Read more: how to switch between TF3D, SPB MS, and Today
You can also assign soft keys to switch between TF3D and Today.

Add the task manager to the carousel view:


This is a really nice one, and I wrote about it in the past, for more details - check out the link below:

How To- Add the Task Manager to your SPB Mobile Shell Carousel View

Add a third button for easier access SPB Menu:


In case you want easier access to the SPB menu - add your third button in the bottom area...

Link in here

That's it for this guide, you can find more tricks in the XDA-Developers page.

In our next guide we will show 78 tips for getting rid of your hair...


Feel free to send me more tips if you find any. Enjoy your Mobile Shell!

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Guest said…
This thread was super informative and helpful 'cept the hairy man at the end... kinda creepy... yep kinda creepy lol
Guest2 said…
Agree  :)
Leonick said…
Any tips for getting bit to drain less battery? I love the shell but i think it almost halves my idle battery time :/
shannon said…
any suggestions on how to fix my problem with touch screen freezing after ending calls???  It only happens on the spb shell, the start menu is accessible (basically any non-spb program).  can't get back to the main screens (except in windows)