MonoTouch will let you develop iPhone applications using... Visual Studio .Net?

According to MSMobiles - there is a new plug-in for Visual Studio that enables developing iPhone apps using .Net. It's called MonoTouch (part of Mono an open-source implementation of .NET technology) and extends Mono to iPhone.

Wow. There goes another (or maybe it is the last?) Windows Mobile advantage...

More details in here:

I will install it soon and see what it means...

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Parrotlover77 said…
Everything interesting in WM apps requires heavy P/Invoking, which is accessing the underlying native API calls.  You would be hard pressed to find an interesting .Net app that will actually run on the iPhone unless they also emulate the entire WinCE native API.

... Unless you are just simply talking about a halfway decent language to program in, in which case yea, this is great news for iPhone as Objective-C is really quite a silly little language.
Kevin said…
All C#

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