The return of the iPaq (K3 Obsidian)


Nice picture of the soon to arrive K3 Obsidian!

Few weeks ago I received a comment from one of my friends regarding The History of PDA's series. He rightfully noted that I've completely missed the iPaq in my review which is true!

So, if you are still an HP fan (are there any left?) - you may want to follow the Obsidian device which looks interesting with Windows Mobile 6.5, nice QWERTY keyboard and a hot look.

Source: HP iPAQ K3 Obsidian Spotted 

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Parrotlover77 said…
Well this is certainly a trip down memory lane.  My first Windows Mobile PDA was an iPaq.  I honestly never thought I'd see a modern HP WM device with phone functions (such a saturated market to penetrate).

Superficially, it looks as good as any Treo-style WM device, but I'm curious how it will stand up under the hood.  WM Pro or Standard?  Is it confirmed?  Will it have any advanced sensors? (G/mag/light/etc)

What would have really make this device stand out is if they went with long portrait screen with a Pre-style slide-down keyboard instead of the crunched tiny hard to read Treo screen.