Rim is the fastest growing company in the world


I bet you all suspected already that RIM are doing great these days/years, but according to Fortune, RIM is the fastest growing company in the world. It's also the company with the fastest growing technology.

I tend to think of RIM as a great wonder. It started with some really bad looking devices, a textual user interface which was similar to... notepad, and above all - a very limited operating system with limited functionality. But, the wonder of it was that everything RIM did was a perfect fit for the targeted users. Perfect fit. I think even the limitations were a perfect fit in a way...

Another reason why I think of the BlackBerry phenomenon of a true wonder is that few years ago, Palm and Microsoft were still very dominant in the PDAs market, which made the competition for such a small company futureless.


So, although I don't consider myself to be a fan of RIM, (Although I really enjoy the Bold), I'm really happy that the BlackBerry is part of the mobile world. It had an important role in creating the standards we are all used to nowadays.

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