Samsung Omnia 2 Gets Reviewed


While checking the news in WMPowerUser I found a nice review of the new Samsung Omnia II. It's the first time I visited the site FreshGear and I must say it's refreshing!

omnia-ii-internet1 omnia-ii-smart-memo1 omnia-ii-midomi3 omnia-ii-audio-note1

The review focuses in the many custom applications the Omnia is loaded with, and also includes nice video demonstrations such as this one:

Samsung Omnia is one of our favorite Windows Mobile phone, and the second version of it seems to keep up with the high standards. The device looks beautiful and the UI seems to be improved over the first version. Nevertheless, it does have some weaknesses as you can see from the summary below:


  • Superb wonderful bright screen
  • Excellent Camera
  • Built in many useful software; Namecard reader, call filter, video editor, Midomi…
  • Built-in Memory (2GB/8GB/16GB)
  • Very fast processor


  • I would prefer a D-pad at the bottom for easy navigation
  • Would prefer to have the stylus built-in rather than an external one
  • Touch Wiz UI not as “smooth” as HTC Touch Flo
  • Even though it comes with 800Mhz processor, there are times it felt laggy.

Head over to FreshGear and read more about the Samsung Omnia 2.

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