Should Microsoft Buy Palm?

I found an interesting opinion at the CNet.News saying that Microsoft should buy Palm, stop investing in trying to fix Windows Mobile and invest in turning the WebOS into a mobile OS that can run on any device.

"But I digress. The ultimate problem for Microsoft is that it's gradually slipping behind in the smartphone race and it may never recover. In Q4 of 2008 it owned a respectable 12.4 percent market share but that's been dropping and if you look at AdMob's recent mobile metrics for smartphone requests by OS (Web usage), Android has pulled slightly ahead of Windows Mobile (5 percent versus 4 percent), while the iPhone continues to dominate with a 64 percent share worldwide. "

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I have a better suggestion. How about Microsoft buy Yahoo!?

Oh, OK... they've been there already...

So what about RIM? This way the Bold will have some Windows Mobile capabilities which will make it... perfect?

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Parrotlover77 said…
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  Don't get me wrong, I think WebOS is pretty darn cool, and I'm a diehard WM guy saying that.  But the fact is that WM has massive penetration in many markets (more foreign than USA, though).  Anybody suggesting dumping WM apparently has no clue about Microsoft's already existing market.  The last thing you want to do when you have a large market is just throw it out and start over. 

Palm doing WebOS is only because PalmOS had no more life and they made the decision that it was less painful to start over than to try to shoehorn PalmOS into a modern OS.  However, if PalmOS had the penetration WM has now, WebOS would have never been invented.  And, quite frankly, it wouldn't need to have been invented because the WebOS features would have trickled into PalmOS as it matured over the years.

If Microsoft shifts to WebOS, they still have a lot of work on their hands.  It's not like ActiveSync will port itself over to a new platform.  That's developer time.  The same goes for all the other Microsoft being developed -- Live Search, Live Mesh, OneNote, Excel, Outlook, and so on and so on...  Why not keep that, keep all the other third party apps, and juice up WM?  It's still all developer time.

I say they keep WM, Palm keeps WebOS, and let's let the best OS win.  Or better, keep a split market and have a nice rich competitive mobile ecosystem!
Parrotlover77 said…
Oh I forgot to mention: the tech writers always forget that Windows Mobile OWNS the non-phone mobile device market.  My company is developing an application right now for non-phone rugged mobile devices with GPS running WM. 

WM slipping on phone share is a big deal, but Microsoft has a long way to go before needing to wind down.

HTC agrees.
Guest said…
There was a time until palm pre camed out that palm was dying and windows mobile should purchase palm. Now they say to WM invest in web os, Palm OS is not dead its just not maintained, WM cannot die it can sleep, Web OS cannot be the future there is IPHONE.