Giveaway of the week: What is your favorite site?


The Mobile Spoon continues giving away free copies of the SBSH GoNews Touch 1.1 and this time what you need to do in order to claim your copy is leave us a simple comment and answer this simple question:

What is your favorite site about mobility?

We are interested to know what sites our readers are usually reading (besides The Mobile Spoon of course...) and what are the topics that interest you all.


So drop us a short comment, tell us what is your favorite site for mobile technologies and news. In a few days (random) we will have a short draw and pick 2 winners that will be able to continue reading their favorite sites from their Windows Mobile phone.

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tagustinus said…
As I just got my omnia, so lately I browse a lot in handango, classic pocket gear, freeware pocket PC, xda & modaco forum. I subsribe to some site's rss & check them through Google Reader.
Like to read software review, tweak and new models update.
tbone said… works for me!
Daevon HArris said…
tiltmobility and freeware pocket pc are my absolute favorites . i log on every morning . 
Daevon HArris said…
i like tiltmobility and freeware pocket pc . i love to look and the news and rumors on new phones . i also like to view reviews on phones to see how they stack up against one another .
Guest said…
Guest ha14
SBSH GoNews Touch 1.12
What's new with GoNews Touch 1.12 Hot-Fix version release?
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* Fix: Problem following links on article display not working fixed.

One of the regular site that I visit available in german and english language
Kai Wang said…
Favorite site is which has a ton of information on anything mobile. But when it comes to Samsung WinMo, I'd go for my beloved :)
Cory P said…
Thats a tough one, as there are many great mobile sites I love, including this one. I'd have to say, They bring us the most apps, games, themes, mods, roms, etc in the mobile world! Without them, my omnia would be very boring. But now, I cant leave without it.
Bragor said…
my favorite site are: Modaco, Mobiriot, XDA Developpers and also MMTRG ;)
alsanan said…
Hi, I prefer the site for my Windows Mobile related stuff.
D T said…
Hi, I like engadget and
Davor Mesić said…
BizSAR said…
My favorite site is Fuze Mobility by far. One of the only sites dedicated to the phone I own.
Hekko said…
XDA Developers and
ABC C said… xda developers
jpmatrix said…
my favourite is and thanks to rss and GoNews, one can easily keep in touch with it ;)   
Guest said…
My favourite sites are and
Caleb Hancock said…
Maybe I shouldnt admit this but is awesome.  I also like cnet,  I just trust their reviews.
Dylan P said…
I love modaco,,,, and XDA-Developers.
Ed Blackman said…
Phone Dog is one of my favorite mobility sites.
Ken said…
<span>In Google Reader I have:  
Automotive DesignLine  (*work*)  
BostonPocket PC (even thought I'm not in Boston)  
Chris Craft's  
Clinton Finch  
EE Times  (*work*)  
Geek News Central  
Gear Diary  
Just Another Mobile Monday  
Mobility Site  
My Today Screen  
Single Serve Coffee  
Slice of Scifi  
The Gadgeteer  
A couple of WM Developer Forums  
Crunch Gear  
Geeks to Go!  
Mark's Blog  
Pooch Cafe  
The Mobile Spoon  
Tilt Mobility  
Tire Review Online  (*work*)  
Digital Home Thoughts  
Digital Inspiration  
Pocket Hacks  
Boy Genius Reports  
(Some feeds for Hulu updates)  
Miss Environment  
(a couple of Google alerts)  
Palatine News  
Wonderground Weather feed for my area  
(a couple of searches from Craig's List)  
and a blog from friends that just adopted a boy from China  
I think a couple of these might be dead, and I intent to check every once in a while, but I have not gotten to it in a while.</span>