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Stefan Neagu from Tux Geek has recently published an amazingly detailed guide for iPhone. It has a lot of tips and tricks any iPhone user will find useful.

I'm placing a link to the original PDF file, also available for download via I haven't read all of it yet, but already found few useful tips regarding the keyboards.

Download The Unofficial Guide to the iPhone

* Manually disable the data connection
Settings –>General –>Network–>Cellular Data Network. Replace the APN, Username and Password field with some random characters. Incorrect values will be passed to the service provider thus disabling the capability without having to call AT&T.

* Adding event notifications from Google Calendar to the iPhone standby screen as wallpaper ensures you’re always in time for meetings.
You will need to download gCalWall Lite from the iTunes AppStore and follow the steps provided in the application. You will need your Google username/password combination. This could potentially be a security risk if you happen to lose your iPhone.

* Add new words to the iPhone dictionary, making sure that the AutoCorrect function will recognize the word you’re typing and not replace it.
Open the Notes application and type the words repeatedly. After typing each respective word at least 5 times, it should be added to the dictionary.

* Use other domain endings without manually typing them, especially useful for people outside of the United States.
Holding down the .com button will bring up other standard domain name endings.


* Easily enter special characters such as e and é è ë ê:
just press and hold the main character on which it is based. In a similar fashion to the domain name endings, additional characters will be available.

* Variations on the standard punctuation keys are available if you tap and hold any of them. For example, tapping and holding “ gives us << and ‘.

* Enabling the localized keyboard, useful for people outside of the United States, will automatically disable the English AutoCorrect function, making typing easier and bringing support for your local domain name ending, such as for the United Kingdom.

* To easily enter a comma or a period - press and hold the 123 button and then without lifting your finger, slide your finger over to the comma and then release to insert a comma fast.

* Jump directly to the top of the screen by tapping on the status bar at the top of the screen.

* When typing an address in Safari, you don't need to type the "www." part or the ".com" part. For example, just typing makeuseof will automatically take you to (or typing MobileSpoon.BlogSpot will take you to

* When the iPhone is sluggish or applications are crashing reset it by holding down both the Home button and the sleep/wake button for about 10 seconds.

* Take screenshots of the iPhone screen, useful when documenting an application or the iPhone functionality.
Press and hold the power button and then click on the home button. The screen will flash to white and the picture will be saved in the Photos folder. When connected to a computer, look for the screenshots in the same place your Camera Roll pictures are.
The path on Windows is Computer\iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE. Applications like iPhoto or Lightroom will attempt to automatically import them.

* Disable the SMS preview function to ensure privacy. After you disable the SMS preview function a generic New Text Message notification will appear on the screen.
Settings->General->Messages. Toggle the "Show Preview" slider to Off.

* When receiving a call, press the sleep/hold button at the top of your iPhone once and it will silence the ringer. Press that button twice and it will both silence the ringer and send the call to voicemail.

* Save images from the web or email messages to the local iPhone storage, enabling later use as wallpapers or sharing.
Tap and hold the image until a menu pops out from the bottom. Choose Save, and the image will be stored in Saved Photos folder inside the Photos application.

* Fast forward or rewind music and videos by pressing and holding the >> and << buttons.

* You can undo typing by shaking your iPhone. If you want your text back, simply shake again (I think this one is for 3Gs only).

* Customize the double click functionality of the Home button.
Settings->General->Home. Available destinations are Home, Phone Favorites, iPod Controls and Search.

* The fastest way to delete a single e-mail or podcast is to swipe your finger from left to right across the e-mail. That will cause a red Delete button to appear so that you can confirm that you want to delete.

* Access the scientific calculator by rotating the iPhone into landscape mode (when using Calculator).

That's the tips collection - you can find them (and much much more) at the The Unofficial Guide to the iPhone by Tux Geek.

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