How many people do you need to develop one operating system?


Well, it depends.

If you are Microsoft, and you would like to get back to being dominant in the mobile industry again - you might need a lot.

Maybe even... 1,000.

According to Paul Spain, this number was announced in the latest TechEd and it seems like Microsoft is definitely taking the new mobile OS seriously.

We are happy about it!

Source: WMPowerUser 

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Parrotlover77 said…
Holy crap that's a lot of people.  Let's be clear too, they aren't really developing an entire operating system.  They are developing basically a new UI layer, some new APIs, adapting old applications, and developing some new ones.  That's a lot less than, say, developing Windows 7 from scratch.  Remember that WM is based off a very mature, very powerful, very secure, and very bug-free Windows CE core.  I'm assuming WM7 is going to be built off CE 6 or possibly an  upcoming CE 7, so it's more work than taking the very (phone) mature CE 5, but my point still remains.  Microsoft is throwing a hell of a lot of people at an OS that is not anywhere near a "from scratch" rewrite like MacOS X was.  This could end up being VERY good for WM fans (like myself).  Or... It could fail absolutely miserably and make Microsoft look like they blew a lot of money on nothing.

Well no matter what happens, I hope it "fails" not as a result of being an inadequate OS.  No... I'd rather it "fail" simply due to Apple/RIM market dominance or poor marketing.  I think tech-wise, this OS is going to be killer.