Pictures of Microsoft's Pink phones: Pure and Turtle

Everyone talked about it, we didn't really buy it, but it seems like Gizmodo found a proof that Microsoft's Pink project really exists.

Microsoft will release 2 smart phones named Pure and Turtle.

The phones are going to be made by Sharp, that will get to share the brand with Microsoft. The hardware design has a definite younger feeling: Turtle looks like a chunky child's version of a Palm Pre, while the Pure looks more professional - like any other slider phones, but a bit more rounded and with plastic look.

The Pure and the Turtle will be positioned as young phone with advanced capabilities.

Microsoft_Turtle Microsoft_Pure

According to ZDNet, the Pink phones (Pure and Turtle) will be based on Windows Mobile 7, which does not exist yet, but who knows, maybe the infrastructure of it is already in the progress, enough to allow building a closed phone on top of it.

Other rumors claim that it will be built on top of Zune and will include Zune Services and a dedicated app store.

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Glenn Fernandes said…
The pink phones will be now known as Turtle and Pure. Both the phones will surely attract the young crowd. It has a decent look and nice features. Hope it performs well. For more details refer
Guest said…
These phones look ridiculous.  They've probably got the right idea here though, trying to bridge the gap between low end consumers and smartphone buyers.  Too bad Microsoft will probably lead development on the actual phone and it's functionality too.  You can be sure they'll muck that up!