Sony Ericsson XPeria 2 - Short Video

The following video hints about the upcoming Sony Ericsson XPeria II.

I think the device looks much nicer than the first one, which I didn't like so much. However, there is something very strange in the home screen - what is that? a maze? I don't want a maze as my home screen!

And is it just me or is this maze surface floating and moving all the time? Like: let's see you catch that shortcut icon!

Spooky. Take a look and let us know your thoughts about it...


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Parrotlover77 said…
It looks more like tetris pieces floating around than a maze.  Yes, that home screen is definitely eye-candy rich, but I'm afraid it doesn't look very, uhm, useful.

All that said, I want a CDMA version of that!  WAH!  That crazy tetris home screen can easily be replaced by Mobile Shell 3 for something more useful.