SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 Released

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 was released last night, and has some cool new animations, 3D effects, social networks integration, new emails UI, and many other goodies.

CEZoom68 copy GlMail_009

Seems like SPB are taking a little bit from each mobile OS: a little bit of a TouchFlo animated emails reader, some of the Android menus style, a little bit of Samsung's TouchWiz widgets, some of the Palm Pre's synergy, along with SPB's own look & feel. Great stuff.

Here's a short video demonstration:

You can check out our own review of version 3.0 in here:
Review: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0

What's new in SPB Mobile Shell 3.5?

  1. Improved SPB Carousel design (e. g. added reflections and some additional interaction gestures)
  2. Gravity sensor support in the SPB Carousel
  3. 3D email viewer
  4. 3D SMS viewer (with contact pictures)
  5. Access to online catalog in “Change Background” dialog
  6. New “Add Widget” dialog
  7. Widget skin selection with preview
  8. New widget: Tasks (customizable task list on your home screen)
  9. New widget: Picture Frame (widget and full-screen slideshow)
  10. New widget: Facebook Status
  11. New widget: Twitter Status
  12. New widget: Four instant wireless switches (WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, Phone Switch)
  13. New widget: Internet Search (with instant suggestions)
  14. New widget: Birthdays reminders (never forget about your friend’s birthday again)
  15. Contact widget: ability to choose default action
  16. Wireless manager widget: icon shows current states, popup shows current states
  17. Weather widget: support for more advanced skins with detailed forecast and current conditions
  18. Streamlined background change (with cropping and easy to view local gallery)
  19. Current weather conditions (in addition to forecast)
  20. New skins for most widgets
  21. Professional home customization using widgets
  22. Option to have only one home screen (lifestyle or professional)
  23. Option to change number of screens in lifestyle or professional layouts
  24. Weather in Agenda
  25. Force feedback on tap and hold
  26. Option to choose the default tab for Contacts and Launcher
  27. Improved design of most dialogs (popup menus, settings etc.)
  28. Category filter in the contact list
  29. Improved widget edit mode (widget can be dragged to other pages, recycle bin for easy delete etc.)
  30. Color themes support on Windows Mobile 6.5
  31. Integration with SPB Weather and SPB Traveler via widgets
  32. Improved “Choose Shortcut” dialog with similar look to SPB Menu
  33. New widget: Operator Name
  34. New widget: Date
  35. New widget: Alarm
  36. Option to disable tap and hold
  37. Redesigned settings dialogs

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The Spoon's opinion: Still the number #1 shell for Windows Mobile. Some cosmetic improvements we are not excited about (who cares about the carousel view anyway?), and some important ones (mails, facebook & twitter, shell infrastructure).

If you don't like (or don't have) TouchFlo 3D - SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 is a "must have" software for your Windows Mobile phone.

Review: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 

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Jun said…
Why is it that i dont see the reflection (Carousel View) in my Samsung Omnia i900?
jalysa said…
is there going to be theams for the touch pro 2 with sprint
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