Are companies switching from BlackBerry to iPhone?


I saw an interesting post today at the Silicon Alley Insider talking about companies switching from BlackBerry devices to iPhone.

Personally I'm using both, and like them almost equally. The BlackBerry (I'm using the Bold at the moment) is probably the smartest phone when it comes to understanding the business needs. The day to day activities are simple, the OS is stable an fast (zero reboots in 4 months), simple to use, and productivity is high.

The iPhone on the other hand... what a joy, it's addictive. You can download stupid games forever and play with the iPhone for hours.

But, when it comes to productivity, the overall quality is poor. Not because there are no good professional applications - there are actually better applications for the iPhone than with any other platform, but the problems are the lack of physical keyboard and mainly the lack of multiple-threads.

With the iPhone, opening a link from an email will close the email application in order to open the browser. Trying to move content form one app to another requires exiting the first app and this is a death blow for productivity.

Still, according to the Silicon Alley Insider, a new trend is taking place in the past 6 months, in which around 10% of the wireless sales exec’s clients have moved to the iPhone from the Blackberry.  This is a jump from "practically zero" a year ago, but still indicates this increase is in the early stages and will take time to materialize to a meaningful level.

The reasons, according to the writer are:

  • Cost: RIM's enterprise servers require high maintenance and experienced IT people.
  • International Access: It's easier to use the iPhone all over the world, including areas with 3G, where as the only BlackBerry device that enables it is currently the BlackBerry Bold.
  • Web Surfing: One of the iPhone proven strengths, no matter how strong are the competitors, still, web surfing is done best from an iPhone. Interesting. I would add a fourth reason; employees satisfaction.
    I can think of organizations that wants to spoil their employees with the coolest phone out there.
More information about this topic can be found in here.

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Sam Hobson said…
In response to the Bold being the only 3G BlackBerry, the Bold is not the only 3G BlackBerry.  Many of Verizon's latest BlackBerry devices (Pearl Flip, Storm, Tour) support the network's high speed EV-DO networks, and in CDMA terms, 3G = EV-DO.