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Looking for useful information and videos about LG GM750? Came to the right place!

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I was looking for some useful information about this fascinating device, the LG GM750, LG's first Windows phone (running Windows Mobile 6.5 of course), and one which is also wearing the S-Class user interface which is considered to be an innovative one.

The handset also includes 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus camera and one of my favorites D-Pad substitutes - an optical mouse (a-la Samsung Omnia!).

Here are some useful links with specs details and hands-on reviews of the LG GM750 Windows Phone:

Introduction to LG S-Class User Interface: 

LG GM750 gets reviewed by WMExperts

LG GM750 - Full phone specifications

S-Class award winning UI

LG GM750 Videos by LG Training Squad including:
- weather theme,
- multi-tasking capabilities,
- optical mouse,
- homescreen,
- thumbnails in camera mode

Enjoy the links! We will definitely keep a close eye on this one!

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Marios1986 said…
I've had my GM750 for about two weeks now. I LOVE IT!! :) ...Went off LGs after I had some troubles with the LG Shine. They've come a long way since then... Always been a big fan of Windows Mobiles (since I got my 1st MDA 2 years ago). Could NEVER own another phone that didn't have a Windows OS. Great addition to the line  :)