DUB - Easy Way To Exchange Mobile Business Cards


I received an interesting story today about DUB.

DUB is an easy way to (and software) to exchange business cards using mobile phones.

It is currently available only in the US and Canada, running on iPhones and BlackBerry devices.

Here's some more details copied from the official web-site followed by a demonstration video:

"When you and another person open the DUB app on an iPhone or BlackBerry and click the locate button, DUB will find both and prompt you to exchange info. The contact information is saved directly to your mobile address book.

If the other person doesn’t have DUB or is in the next state instead of next to you, just type their email address or mobile number and push send. They’ll get a message with your contact info and a link to create their card. Once they do, your info is saved to their mobile address book and theirs to yours."

DUB Website


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