Great Looking TouchFlo 3D Themes

Following some popular posts about TouchFlo3D Skins and Themes, I decided to sniff around and look for some more great looking themes.

Here's some links:

[TF3D 2.1][WVGA] TouchFluo 3D Line by Eagledig

[TF3D 2.1][WVGA] Blue Eye

Review: SPB Mobile Shell 5 For Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian

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iOS. Windows Phone 7. Android. That's the order, in terms of users satisfaction that is…
Can Microsoft generate more revenue out of Android than Google?

And this one is a collection of nice looking TouchFlo Themes:
(click on the image to enlarge)

1st row
Black skin by TWolf
Red by bombzhome
White by bombzhome
Green by Anolnx
Purple by Anolnx
Blue Void by kulet78
Diamond clock by mbarvian (updated)
Pink her by TWolf

2nd row
Teal Manilla by .HaVoC.
Feng Shui by Dredd 67:
MobileMatt TF2D Connection by mchapman007
KnobiSkin by Knobibrot
TF2D Alabaster Skin by MobileMatt | M2DC Theme
White on black skin by eboelzner

3rd row
Type-R skin by kidnamedAlbert
yellow theme by .HaVoC.
HTC-TOUCH/VOUGE transformation package by PROBEX (external direct link)
Black Vista skin by TWolf
Black ICE by MobileMatt
TOXIC theme by txema_py
Creaton by GODZSON (2 backgrounds)
MobileMatt Black ICE V2.0 by mchapman007

1st row
MobileMatt MM&L Skin by MobileMatt & Lepsyfou
Cowboys and UT Themes by ldostang
Touch Fantasy by bornotty
Oklahoma Sooner theme by stutzmason
harley Davidson by kron2
Néon Theme + transparent Manila by utopykzebulon
TypeR v3 by kidnamedAlbert

Click here for more great themes and skins
Or click here for the XDA-Dev TouchFlo themes thread 
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Anonymous said…
<span style="color: #808080;">¿En qué estás pensando...?</span>
Clara Judith said…
<span>Me encanta la colección Touchflo...Pero e hecho TODO PARA DESCARGAR Y NADA.... Estoy frustrada y decepcionada....quería el Pink pòr su Twolf de la primera fila.... ES ROSA O FUCCIA.. PRECIOSO pero tiro la se como obtenerlo..ayuuuudaaaaa!!!!</span>
juan Olmedo said…
<span>mi pregunta es como descargarlo, donde esta el icono de descarga, si cuesta algo o como hago para descargar algun tema, q a proposito se ven espectaculares. respondan pues</span>
princesita said…
<span>¿En qué estás pensando...?</span>
definitivamente no se descargan.. q mal. me encantan se hubieran visto genial en mi htc pure,
Thanks for sharing these resources. I'm downloading them now and i'm hoping it will look great in my android phone.
Adrafinil said…
Very nice theme..!
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