inPulse - a BlackBerry Wristwatch?


We all know the drill; addicted BlackBerry users, rudely reading mails in the middle of important meetings, nodding their heads as if they are listening to the discussion, asking dumb questions whenever the topic becomes relevant to them, and giving high level answers that can easily be given by the secretary's children...


Well, the next generation in BlackBerry addiction is close; the inPulse - a BlackBerry watch! think about it: why hold your BlackBerry in your hands when the BlackBerry can almost hold you!


The quite lovely-looking inPulse connects to a Blackberry via Bluetooth and can either alert you to the full barrage of your very important email or can be set to filter it. These alerts are then displayed on the 1.3-inch OLED screen, and you are notified of their presence by the vibrator inside, and the whole watch, when fully charged (via microUSB), should last for around four days.

Pretty much anything that can be pushed to the Blackberry can be pushed those few inches further to your wrist. This includes RSS feeds, weather reports, SMS messages and the Twitter, guaranteeing that you can remain blissfully distracted during your next trial-by-PowerPoint. You’ll still have to pull out your crackberry to reply, but at least now you’ll know which messages to respond to.


I have a better suggestion for the BlackBerry users - a special chip that can be planted inside your body, creating special electrical pulses that can almost kill you if for any reasons you haven't replied to an email...

Think about it... bzzzzzzzz...

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