iPhone Grabs Top Rank in Smartphone Satisfaction Survey


We all know many iPhone users which are Apple fanatics (you know, those annoying geeks that always brag about how great is their mac and how smart is the iPhone).

Apperantly not all the iPhone users are like this, according to JD Power, the survey polled customers worldwide on satisfaction with their smartphones between January and June 2009 shows that customers rated the iPhone as the most satisfying phone.

Motorola, by the way, came last.

3,221 owners rated their smartphones based on factors including ease of operation, operating system, features, physical design and battery life.

Apple scored 811. LG scored 776 for second place, and RIM  BlackBerry scored 759 for third.

In the survey for business users: Apple nabbed the no.-1 spot for smartphones in business, with a score of 803, followed by RIM BlackBerry with a score of 724. This portion of the survey polled 1,148 enterprise smartphone users.

Click here for the complete customers satisfaction survey results


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Parrotlover77 said…
Okay, not all iphone users are like their Mac brethren, but a damn large majority are.  I think that has to have skewed the results in Apple's favor.  Although, that is not to say that it makes the results invalid, just skewed.  In other words, if you are satisfied with your iphone because you have a sexual attraction to it, then that still counts in this survey as it is asking satisfaction.  But, if you have no love one way or the other with Apple, that doesn't necessarily mean you will like the iphone at all.

That said, the low scores for HTC do not suprise me.  I have had a total of FOUR Touch Pros and I'm about to get a fifth (the bluetooth is starting to flake out).  This is no fault of the WM platform, but instead HTC's hardware -- specifically the very much unloved Qualcomm chipsets.