What is MOTOBLUR and what will it do to Android?


Though I do not consider myself to be a Motorola fan, it’s interesting to see the MOTOBLUR, a new customized version of Android OS, developed by Motorola, and probably its' biggest hope to revive some of the company's lost fortunes...
Visually, MOTOBLUR is a nice looking OS, with a clear focus on social networks. The home screen is holding all the popular social network feeds at screen (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and of course emails) allowing easy reading and simple status posting.
It looks nice, but I guess it’s nothing more than another widgets styled fancy UI.
Motorola took Palm’s synergy vision and improved it a little bit: MOTOBLUR continuously (and automatically) syncs your phone and email contacts with your friends from Facebook™, MySpace and Twitter.

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Beyond the homepage gimmick, all the feeds are listed in one unified inbox screen, which may become helpful.
Like Ping.fm, you can quickly update your status across all of these sites in one move. Other social networking features – like wall posts, photo sharing, and quick posting of videos to YouTube are also supported.
In addition, MOTOBLUR continuously updates and backs up the information into a secure environment. Again, not a real innovation, but a cool feature.
What’s going on behind the scenes?
Technically speaking, Motorola took the Android 1.5 source and customized it. Yes, that means that once you use Motorola’s MOTOBLUR, you are not running the version that was released by Google’s developers…
Is it a good thing to do?
I’m not sure.
Based on my previous experiences with Motorola user interface, I think that it’s better to stick with the original… maybe a customized shell (a-la Sense UI) is better, as it keeps the original source of the OS.
In any event, the first 2 devices to run MOTOBLUR will be: CLIQ (North America) and DEXT (International).
To see it in action (movies and some trials) check out the Motorola web site.
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