Windows Mobile 6.5 was released few days ago... Does anyone care?

WPhone_h_cL1_thumb WinMo65

Well, looking at MobilitySite's WinMo reviews round-up, it seems like Microsoft are getting all spanked in the tush...

Personally I didn't have too much expectations, and therefore I'm pretty happy with the result. I think the next update for 6.5 will come sooner than expected and will include a lot of more small goodies.


Chris Leckness First Impression of WinMo 6.5

More information about Windows Mobile 6.5 from the MobileSpoon 

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Parrotlover77 said…
Haha!  Following on the heels of my previous comment about Android, the industry does love to HATE microsoft!  It's never good enough.

Part of the reason 6.5 seems so "not new" is that unofficial ROMs have had it for quite some time.  Only the non-insiders will truly see this OS as any kind of upgrade.  And I think, generally, anybody moving from a previous Windows Phone ready to upgrade will be pleasantly surprised.  For example, there are quite a few old Treo and Mogul users still out there, looking for an upgrade.

Will 6.5 win MS industry share?  Doubtful.  It's not really designed to.  It's a stopgap measure to give partners something cooler to work with on the aging WM5/6 platform.  6.5.1 could actually help MS a tiny tiny bit, but even then I don't see it blowing anybody's minds.  WM7, when it comes out, with its slick silverlight interface and apps AND backward compatibility -- now that will shake things up some.

Newsflash!  If you like WM (and there are a lot of us), you will enjoy WM 6.5.  Casual users will see it as yet another possibility if they don't want to be locked into AT&T/Apple, or simply don't care about the iPhone's feature set, or they want exchange integration and a portable office suite (I have yet to see anything by any of the other manufacturers come close to Excel Mobile).
Windows portable is a working framework for versatile/handheld gadgets, and it is made by an organization which is known as Microsoft Windows, who claims, a ton of OSes for PC, similar to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and so on.
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