Exclusive pictures of the new xPhone!

 xPhone xPhone_Front

Mobile Spoon is delighted to be the first site to bring those exclusive pictures of the new xPhone.

In a world where all phones look alike, that is, screen only (a-la-iPhone) with no hardware buttons, the xPhone is innovative and unique.

The xPhone is all about buttons and keyboard. In fact it has no screen whatsoever - at least from the first images we've managed to put our hands on...

Other specs: 3G, GPS, 256MB of both RAM and ROM, a 993MHz processor (not bad!), 2.0 megapixel camera (which is somewhat disappointing from such an advanced phone), compatible with both Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android 1.5.

More updates on this cool smartphone very soon...

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Parrotlover77 said…
Now that's my kind of phone!  Who needs a screen?!
Anonymous said…
How does that work then? no screen, how do you know what you are typing, or taking a photo of, or find a contact to call, etc..etc.
Surely it must have at least a basic lcd screen.
Reverse Phone Lookup said…
This phone has not screen.You may not like it at the first sight! But it is a popular one!
Alyoshablue said…
Usually it Boygenius that gets his hands on up and coming goodies.  I am surprised Gil brought this to us all, especially since this is the smartphone that Windows is using to pilot WM7.

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