Introducing ClickSoftware Mobility Suite


As much as I try not to mix between business and hobbies, I cannot resist sharing with my readers an exciting event that took place today - the release of the ClickSoftware Mobility Suite.

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (NasdaqGS: CKSW), is for many years, the leading provider of workforce management and service optimization solutions. ClickSoftware's global products include forecasting and planning tools, scheduling and optimizing field workforce, and of course, mobile solutions.

For many years we have invested in mobility, but in the last couple of years we made a significant jump in the quality and richness of our mobile solutions, as well as witnessing a great increase in the number of customers, analysts recognition (we were selected as champions!) and overall momentum.

As I am leading the mobile division in the company, I'm excited to write about the release of the next generation of our mobile solutions - the Mobility Suite.

The suite includes a comprehensive mobile application called ClickMobile, targeted for field users, using Windows Mobile devices, laptops, UMPC's, smartphones, BlackBerry devices or even simple cellphones. In combination with some powerful back-end tools for both business users and IT users.

With ClickMobile, field technicians, crews, supervisors, etc. can report their working hours, activities, status during the day, access critical information such as customer details, jobs details, assets information, required parts, maps, and more. It also enables filling long completion reports in a very friendly and structured way that speeds up and simplifies the work, saves a lot of typing, and reduces human mistakes.

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The ClickSoftware Mobility Suite is available in 3 different variations, to suit the individual needs of every service organization:

  • Advanced Edition: a comprehensive mobile solution featuring development, back office, and integration tools, which works with a wide range of mobile devices from PDAs and laptops to smartphones, UMPCs, and tablets.
  • Foundation Edition: entry level edition, which is device agnostic and suitable for any size service organization.
  • Blackberry Edition: extends the ClickSoftware Mobility Suite to those service organizations with a RIM mobile strategy.

You can read more about it in the official press release or product page.


On a personal level:

On a personal level, as most of the readers of this site are Windows Mobile fans - I would like to share with you an interesting fact: most of our customers are using Windows Mobile PDA's. In field service, Windows Mobile is still very dominant, and you barely see any other mobile platform (besides laptops and tablets of course, which are not running mobile OS of course...).
It would be interesting to see how Android for example will penetrate this market which is completely different than the consumer market.

More information about ClickMobile and the new Mobility Suite can be found in ClickSoftware's website, or in a new blog we've just opened, called Mobile Fever.

The Mobile Fever will cover updates about our products but mostly focus on mobility trends in the enterprise, mobile tips and more.

Examples to the topics we will try to cover:
MobileFever - How to select a mobile device - Part #1 (Keyboard)
MobileFever - How to select a mobile device - Part #2 (Laptops vs. PDA's)
MobileFever - How to select a mobile device - Part #3 (Mobile OS)

So show us some love and visit us in our new blog: MobileFever.


Parrotlover77 said…
It's probably because I'm not a business manager type, but can you explain in like lay terms what this software does exactly?  I get the feeling it integrates PIM with some sort of workforce tracking, but again, it's out of my expertise.  It sounds intriguing though.

Where I work, we are not a mobile software house, but we recently developed a mobile application companion to a custom web application we developed for a partner.  The simple explanation of what our application does (in mobile or web form) is that it facilitates tracking chemical sprays by GPS.  Specifically, things like misquoto spraying, etc.  They get a ton of vectors from the chemical trucks (rate of spray, speed, etc.) and then the data is aggregated into the application.  It's pretty cool and I know I'm way over simplifying it because I'm just the IT support guy, not the developer. :)

Anyway... All this was to basically confirm what you stated in the article.  Windows Mobile (or even just raw Windows CE) absolutely dominates these types of applications.  Our application is only supported on Windows Mobile (partner wanted no other platform developed) because that's what all of their customers already have!

It's a large and extremely overlooked niche when the mobile pundit naysayers keep announcing the imminent doom of Windows Mobile. 

I will be curious to see if anybody can penetrate this market.  Android is best poised to enter this market since it's a general purpose OS, unlike, say, Blackberry which is very PIM-oriented and iPhone which without basic things like multitasking makes it a real pain, not to mention the high entry price and very low ruggedness needed for this type of application.
Parrotlover77 said…
Oops.  I started in one direction on that last thought and ended on another.  Let me fix!

...Blackberry which is very PIM-oriented and iPhone which without basic things like multitasking makes it a real pain, not to mention the high entry price and very low ruggedness being a barrier for this type of application.