Is RIM going to be eaten by the sharks?


Found an interesting article claiming that RIM should hurry and sell now before it's too late. It made me think what would be of RIM,  in 1-2 years from now, when it's obvious that they already got to the point of no return. They should find a way to beat the sharks or be eaten...

The main points are that RIM, dominating the enterprise market simply is now stuck, as the consumer side clearly prefers the iPhone and the Android new phones.

It's interesting because I personally saw many young teenagers walking and typing massively with their BlackBerry (maybe they are working for their dads?).

The key reasons for RIM's slowness (quote from the original post):

  • The growth in the smartphone market is now shifting toward consumers, not corporations. (Even 80% of RIM's new subscriber accounts were "non-enterprise" last quarter.)
  • RIM's strength is the enterprise, not the consumer. RIM is not a technology or design leader for consumer-focused smartphone hardware or software.
  • RIM's competitors are coming up fast. Apple is gaining market share and Google's Android is stealing favor from carriers, which are RIM's most important customers.
  • Even corporate customers are starting to jettison BlackBerries for iPhones.
  • Smartphones are becoming a platform business in which third-party developers rule the day. RIM is way behind Apple and, soon, Google in app development


Since I allow myself to switch devices and keep few of them in parallel (not because I can but just because I really want to...) - I actually find myself using BlackBerry more than I'm using iPhone.

I actually love my Bold! Seriously, it's great!

True, the Bold can barely compete with the iPhone in terms of fun, apps etc. but bottom line is that I'm using it more often as it simply serves me better in most cases.

Com'on Microsoft. It's time to get dirty in the mobile world. Take over RIM, add some nice visual stuff on top of the basic OS and use it to make a comeback into the mobile universe...


(Older: What would happen of RIM in few years-?)

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Parrotlover77 said…
I think MS buying RIM would be an intersting idea.  However, I think dumping WM (WP?) for Blackberry OS is a terrible idea.  The best idea in this mythical RIM purchase would be to incorporate all the cool features of Blackberry software, but run ontop of the WM OS, so you basically get both software on one device.  Additionally, it would add a lot of powerful features into Exchange.  MS would then make BES "free" (sort of) as it would be incorporated into Exchange.

Intersting idea...