LCD vs. OLED in Mobile Devices


Following a question I've been recently asked, I decided to put on my research glasses and get dirty with some... wikipedia pages.

The question was: is there a true difference between LCD and OLED screens?

Well, the answer is: definitely.

According to Wikipedia: "A significant advantage of OLED displays over traditional liquid crystal displays (LCDs) is that OLEDs do not require a backlight to function. Thus, they can display deep black levels, draw far less power, and can be much thinner and lighter than an LCD panel. OLED displays also naturally achieve much higher contrast ratio than LCD monitors."

In other words, organic light-emitting diode(OLED) are screens that depends on very minute diodes that light up forming what we see, thus it doesn’t need backlight and this reduces the power consumption dramatically, while the traditional Liquid Crystal displays is made of pixels that require backlight. As you can imagine, this will keep your battery last more which is nice.

In addition, OLED screens are also known for forming more realistic more lively photos that looks more real than the ones showed on LCDs.

OK, so now you are talking...

Oh, and last advantage: Cost of production of OLED screens is much less than that of LCDs, well what do you know?

Here are few examples:

oled_vs_lcd_2small (bottom one is OLED)

oledvslcd (left one is OLED)

Cool. Next time you are asked, you know what to say.


Bruce said…
So if OLED is better in every way, and is cheaper, why isn't it in all devices?  Is it just too new?

skeelee said…
Ya, I think it is now just too new to be adopted widely, or could be due to patents issue. BTW, without backlight, OLED screen is too dim to be functional. I have a Samsung Omnia II, and it still requires backlight.
Mobile Spoon said…
you lucky you!
Drop us a comment and tell us how great is the second Omnia!
skeelee said…
@Mobile Spoon, the AMOLED screen displays very vibrant colors. LCD screens literally pales when compared with it. I played similar videos on my Omnia II and other LCD screens side-by-side, and I think the difference is akin to between heaven and earth. Really!