Samsung Omnia 2 Video Review

You all know I was practically in love with the first Samsung Omnia, and couldn't give it back.

True, it didn't have VGA, TouchFlo or any of those HTC goodies, but it was stable, included a lot of fun additions, and I found the usability to be very well. Oh, and there was this cool optical mouse that I liked, even though it was not that efficient...

Nevertheless, there are times you need to move on with your life and never look back. Samsung already released their new Omnia phones, and here's a 10 minutes of some Omnia goodness. Enjoy!

Howard Chui via wmpoweruser][Howard Chui via wmpoweruser.


james martyn said…
<span> the Samsung Omnia II features an improved user interface and a richer multimedia experience to make it a worthy upgrade over its predecessor and one of the best Windows Mobile devices on the market.</span>

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