War of the phones - a small modification...

War of the phones

Few days ago I published the second round of the "war of the phones": iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. WinMo vs. Palm webOS.

One of MobilitySite's reader commented that I did not place a weight to every category, ending up with cloud and emails getting the same importance in the total points calculation.

While I think that having a fixed importance is more objective, I decided to increase the subjectivity of my comparison and add some bonus points to the top 5 capabilities that are important to me.

Usability is the most important element for me, so I will place a bonus of 300% of the original score for this one,
Mails and Applications will receive a bonus of 200% of their original scores, and all the rest (form factor and web browsing) will get a bonus of 100% of their original points.

Let's see what happened...

(Oh boy... here we go yet again... third time...)

Form Factor (100%):

Form factor is a key point. Having the freedom to choose is important. 200% here...

Bonus points:

Android: 5
BlackBerry: 4
iPhone: 1
Palm WebOS: 2
WinMo: 5

Usability (300%):

My favorite topic is also the most important one for me.
I think that having a mobile device that understands your needs, expectations and actions, is the most important thing.
It does not have to be the most fancy UI, but it definitely should be a smart one.

Bonus points:

Android: 9 
BlackBerry: 15
iPhone: 12
Palm WebOS: 9
WinMo: 6

Applications (200%):


I spend most of my time downloading apps and tools. If I don't get enough options here - my gadget loses his attractiveness.

Bonus points:

Android: 8
BlackBerry: 4
iPhone: 10
Palm WebOS: 4
WinMo: 8

Web Browsing (100%)

Mobile web browsing is not something I do all the time, but when I do it, it means I need something urgently or that I'm stuck somewhere and I'm really bored. In both cases it is critical that the browsing experience will be decent.

Bonus points:

Android: 4
BlackBerry: 1
iPhone: 5
Palm WebOS: 4
WinMo: 2

Emails and text messages (200%)

No need to explain this one I presume.

Bonus points:

Android: 8
BlackBerry: 10
iPhone: 8
Palm WebOS: 6
WinMo: 6

Final Score:

So the original score was this:

iPhone: [49]
Android: [47]
WinMo: [38]
Palm WebOS: [37]
BlackBerry: [32]

And the score after adding the bonus points changes to the following.

iPhone: [49] + [36 bonus] = 85
Android: [47] + [34 bonus] = 81
BlackBerry: [32] + [34 bonus] = 66
WinMo: [38] + [27 bonus] = 65
Palm WebOS: [37] + [25 bonus] = 62

iPhone still wins, Android comes second again, but the difference is that BlackBerry jumped two places from being last into the third place. Explaining why I actually like using it even though it came last in the original comparison.

Hmm... interesting.

Tell us what are your top 5 key features you expect your phone to include?


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Thora said…
No offense, but I really take issue with this review. I do not own an iPhone, but I have had experience with them & I am appalled that they won this challenge by 20 whole points. I do not see how a locked down, proprietary, nanny-fied device can beat out ANY other device in any area aside from the 'shiny factor'. The web browsing is terrible, Safari crashes half the time on every iPhone I have ever used, plus who actually likes always having to pinch & zoom just to read a page? WM has the most apps & you don't have to go straight to Microsoft to get them. Sure, you can unlock your iPhone & get apps elsewhere, but you shouldn't HAVE TO. You can get WM apps anywhere, you can even write them yourself & nobody has to 'approve' your work before it can be used. I don't have much experience with Android, Blackberry, or WebOS so I can't speak on their behalf, but putting an iPhone above any WM device is just plain fanboyism in my opinion. Also, I refuse to believe that an onscreen keyboard beats a hardware keyboard for text/emails on ANY device.

Like I said, no offense, but I suspect the author has no real experience with Windows Mobile or else he wouldn't have reanked it so low. Either that or he hasn't yet explored how easy it is to make it do whatever you want it to do. I have had plenty of phones & PDAs & I won't use anything but WM. It is simply the most versatile & powerful. Yeah, you gotta tweak it a little but it's better than being restricted by an OS so stable that you can only put "approved" apps on it.
MobileSpoon said…
If 5 years of using WinMo devices is not enough then you are probably right.

I felt exactly the same as you in the past but then I dot myself an iPhone and found that it's really is as good as people say it is.

Not without problems, but an amazing phone. 8-)
Anonymous said…
you realize that you only give points for the positives... you never took anything away for the negatives... and there are alot more negatives  to the phones that had more positives... example, you have zero choice for form factor on iphone, so already your "champion" is only truly the champion when thats the form factor the consumer wants. so if only lets say 30 percent (to put a very high number up) of the world actually wanted that form factor... i phone is only going to be the right device for that 30% and noone else... so shouldnt there score be 30 % of the score you gave? (assuming that its even 30% of the world that wants to use that form factor)