Windows Mobile 6.5 - Here I Come!

tp2 copy

It's popular to hate Windows Mobile these days, and I must admit 2009 was not a great year for my relationship with WinMo as well.
I actually switched to the dark side of the Apple and had enough time to downgrade it in favor of the BlackBerry Bold.

But all of that was changed today. I just performed a comeback and inserted my secondary SIM card inside a Touch Pro 2 device running Windows Mobile 6.5!







I wrote a short review about the Touch Pro 2 few months ago, but I must admit having Windows Mobile 6.5 included adds a lot into it.

I won't say I'm too excited, after all we all saw the new stuff many months ago, but still, I like it. Feels like home sweet home in a way. You know all the flaws, but you get along, find your way around...

Will write about my renewed Windows Mobile experience in a few days/weeks, hopefully positive things.

Windows Mobile 6.5 - Come here you b<beep>ch I'm coming to get you!

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Max said…
I know what you mean. Sold my iPhone and got Tilt2. Yep, home sweet home. A bit quirky, no pinch zoom, have to watch out where you point your fingers. But it can multitask, has a keyboard for some real instant-messaging mojo, and can play YouTube videos embedded in webpages, because PIE6 supports Flash, unlike others. Ha!

Special thanks to HTC for the TouchFlo.