Closing 2009 With The Mobile Spoon Top Stories


2009 is about to end and since I'm so bad in saying goodbyes, I decided to dedicate this post to the year that included so many fascinating mobile news.

I checked what were the most popular stories this year here at the Mobile Spoon, and included some of the highlights of 2009.

So here are your favorite MobileSpoon stories for 2009!

Beginning right away!

Samsung Omnia Thoughts


One of our favorite Windows Mobile phones for 2009 was the Samsung Omnia. The Omnia got a nice set of reviews and general thoughts, all of them are labeled as Samsung Omnia Thoughts.

Of course, Omnia was not the only phone we reviewed this year, among others we played around with the HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch HD2, iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Android T-Mobile G1, and others,

Here are our favorite smartphones reviews:

Review- One Night Stand With HTC HD2
Review- HTC Touch Pro 2
The Truth About The BlackBerry Bold
Review - One night stand with BlackBerry Storm
HTC Touch HD Thoughts - Part #1
HTC Touch Pro is in the house!

And as usual, each smartphone got a chance to take part of a super hero theme such as the following:

MobileSpoon-BlackBerry-Bold MobileSpoon-Silver-iPhone
MobileSpoon-BlackBerry-Storm MobileSpoon-Droid

All of those reviews and experiences also helped in creating the ultimate post that always starts a fight: The War of the Phones:

MobileSpoon-War of the phones

iPhone vs. Android vs. WinMo vs. WebOS vs. BlackBerry – Fight!



Incomplete Guide to WinMo lock screens

funny2_lock copy

We love those incomplete guides - we know they are not the complete stuff (this is why we call them: incomplete...), but still they give a decent amount of information. One of those guides was one of the favorites for 2009:

The Incomplete Guide to Windows Mobile Lock-Screens

Of course, this was not the only guide we made in 2009, all the guides can be found under the surprising label: Guide...

Turn your iPhone into Windows Mobile (Part #1)
A Tribute To The D-Pads (this one is rather new)
The Incomplete Guide to Touchscreens Technologies



Tips for True Happiness With...


With what, you ask? With everything!

In 2009 we published many tips, the most popular ones were the tips for true happiness with Samsing Omnia and HTC Touch Pro/Fuze (remember those old phones now replaced by the much better Touch Pro 2 and of course HD2?)

10 tips for true happiness with Samsung Omnia
10 tips for true happiness with HTC Touch Pro / Fuze / Diamond!
5 Tips for better happiness with SPB Mobile Shell 3


Themes! Themes! Themes!


Themes for different shell applications are always a popular topic and something which is close to our hearts. Most of the themes collections were pretty popular, but the one with the highest rank was the one for SPB Mobile Shell 3 - which came in the second place!

More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3!

There were many other popular themes and skins during 2009, here are some of them:

Change your SPB Mobile Shell skins on the fly!
HTC Hero Sense UI Theme for SPB Mobile shell
WinMo 6.5 theme for SPB Mobile Shell
Great Looking TouchFlo 3D Themes
ChangeSkin - SPB Mobile Shell Skins Changer


And the most popular post for 2009 is...


Yes, definitely one of the most popular topics here, at least for the first half of 2009 was SPB's Mobile Shell. We got a chance to be one of the first sites to post a review about it, which made it a popular page in our site, referenced by many other sites as well.

Warning- SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 Released. It's Addictive

That's it for 2009. Time to move on to 2010, throw away our old phones, talk to Google so they start sending us Android phones, say goodbye to Palm, and hope for a good year with good news, happiness, health and a lot of technology breakthroughs.


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