Droid sold over 100,000 units in one weekend


Verizon probably knew what they were doing when they made their bet on Motorola Droid. The device sold over 100,000 units the weekend it was available. Not too bad!

I found a very interesting article at AdAge describing the big marketing campaign that brought to the success of the Droid.

"Droid owes much of its success to its mega-advertising spending, estimated to be at least $85 million, the biggest launch ever by its carrier. But it also received good early buzz by getting its phone into the right hands, enough to earn accolades even from rivals. "Based on the chatter and all the people talking about the device, they did an excellent job, going far and broad with the seeding of the device," said a PR executive who declined to be named because her client is a competitor to Motorola (which designed the Droid's hardware). "

Worth reading. (link)


Same success stated by eXpansys, which is selling the Motorola Milestone (UK version of the Droid), well, at least sold it for 2.5 hours...

“The demand for the Motorola Milestone has been staggering. We received the units at 10am on Thursday, 2.5 hours later we had sold out. A second shipment is already on the way and should be arriving in time for Christmas orders”.

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Parrotlover77 said…
Considerng that every commercial break there is at least one (sometimes two) Droid commercials, I don't find that sales number particularly spectacular.  It's good, yes, but that's largely due to a massive sales pitch using dishonest advertising. (Can your phone do this? Yes, yes mine can and it's a year older than the Droid. Only thing worse is Apple's "you can make a call and browse the web at the same time" OMFG unpossible.)