Droid Takes Over Android Christmas Downloads

Well, Droid numbers are beginning to show up, and it's looking pretty well. A new report by Flurry claims that on Christmas, Droid owners accounted for nearly 50% of all Android Market downloads:


Nice. It cannot tell too much as it's pretty obvious the first thing to do when you get a new smartphone is to pack it with some cool apps, but still, 50% is an impressive number, given that the phone is out there for just a few months!

I don't own a Droid yet. Not that I don't want to, I actually do...
Heard that Motorola? (hint hint) I don't have a Droid. Would be great to get one though... you'know'wam'sayen? I heard it's really great...

Whistling... whistling... whistling...

(Source: Phandroid)

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