Google Nexus One - Video Demonstration


Google's Nexus One is just around the corner and I may even manage to put my hands on one of those great looking phones.

The guys at Gizmodo got their hands on the Nexus One, head over to check their impressions - which seems to be very positive. (Better than the Droid, the Hero, and all the other Android phones)

Here's their thoughts:

  • The Nexus One is slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter.
  • The back is definitely not cheap and plasticky, like the iPhone's backing, and feels like some sort of rubbery material.
  • It feels long and silky and natural in your hand—even more so than the iPhone 3GS.
  • Even though the screen is the same size and same resolution as the Droid, it's noticeably better.
  • This is probably the best screen we've seen on a smartphone so far. Probably.
  • The Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid.
  • [For webpage loading]...the Nexus One loaded first, the iPhone 3GS came in a few seconds later, and the Droid came in a little while after that.

Meanwhile, here's a short video hands on  if you really cannot wait.

(Notice the speed of things. Everything Droid can't do?)

(Source: the iphone blog)