HP iPaq Glisten - Does it stand a chance?


For a Candybar QWERTY fan like me, the return of the HP iPaq with the Glisten model and a full QWERTY keyboard seemed like a great opportunity to find a great business WinMo phone.

Reading PocketNow's review made me re-think about it: according to the review the device is clean of any customization, which for some reason seems like a result of laziness more than a clear strategy. In addition the screen has low resolution and a poor camera.

On the positive side, the review says the keyboard is great and I must add the device looks fantastic.

Is this how the HP dudes are planning their comeback?


Read the entire review of the HP iPaq Glisten


Jim said…
I own one.  THis is a really good smart phone.  Don't care about the camera.  I have a camera to take pictures.  If I need a quick photo of something the camera is sufficient.  THe Omeled screen is fantastic!!  I was in direct sunlight and could read it without a problem.  Can't say that about other smartphones I've used.  THe keyboard is one of the best around.  I don't need a lot of customization and I don't need a lot of .99 ifart apps.  It connects to my corporate Exchange server and my personal pop3 account flawlessly.  I can create a basic word document if I need.  I can view pdf's which I do often.  I can surf the web with Opera 10 mobile.  This is a darn good phone!!!  THe screen is a tad small but I'm not sure that they could put in a larger screen with this form factor.  It would make it quite a bit larger.

My suggestion for the Glisten 2 or whatever they want to call it is use a larger amoled touch screen such like the size of the Iphone but add a hideway/drop down keyboard. 

Just my 2 cents
Mobile Spoon said…
Great stuff. Thanks for adding your impression.

Did you ever own a BlackBerry?
If yes - how is it comparing to the new iPaq? (given that it's relatively the same form factor, and same target users)
KMI said…
I also own the Glisten and I love it so far. I need it for business and like the above poster, I have a digital camera and I don't need apps.

What I wished it had was:

1. Indicator lights when you receive an email.
2. The bluetooth should turn on and off from your headset mic - not be permanately on.
stevejack said…
The HP iPaq Glisten features a spacious QWERTY keyboard and offers the full range of wireless options. The phone has a sturdy construction.

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