Planet 'G'...


- So boss, do you have a plan?

- Of course I have a plan...

- Tell me! Tell me!

- First - we crawl. Slowly. Silently.

- Yes! Yes! We crawl! But wait, how will that work?

- We will pretend to be their eyes, their goggles…

- Yes! Brilliant!

- While they look – we observe!

- Help them find information that can later serve our goals…

- Precisely young apprentice. You are slowly getting it.

- So once we know what they are seeking for, then what?

- We propose it to them of course! Ha ha ha! (evil laugh)

- Ha ha ha! Yes! Ha ha ha!

- And for free…

- Ha ha ha! Those pathetic humanoids will take anything as long as its free! We can observe the way they communicate, the things they read, the subjects they write about, pillage their pictures, everything!

- Precisely...

- We can map their entire planet! Have all of it stored inside our systems - ready for the strike.

- Nice. You are beginning to understand the plan.

- But boss, we must not show them our true intentions! Where will we hide all of this?

- That is simple, young apprentice, we put it somewhere out of their reach.

- Where’s that?

- In their clouds.

- Yes! Yes! By the time they'll get used to our services they will even want to pay us for taking part of it! Ads, links!

- Indeed.

- And what will we do next, boss? Ha? Ha???

- Then we strike.

- S.. Strike?

- First we spread some chrome to prepare the ground…

Then we send out the droids…

And last we send the heavy Chromos-cons

- This is too easy boss! Ha ha ha!